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Ordering Information


All of these plans were custom designed to meet Standard Building Codes in effect at the time and for the area they were originally designed.  Codes are subject to change and vary from area to area, therefore, you may need to have some minor adjustments made by a local professional to meet your local building code requirements.


The purchase of a plan gives you permission to build this plan one time only.  Our plans are protected by the Federal Copyright Act and cannot be copied or reproduced or resold in any way.


All of our plans are drawn to reflect the layout as rendered.  If you wish to build the home in the reverse orientation, you may order 1 set reversed for an additional $35.00, but be advised that the letters and dimensions will appear backwards.


What's Included


The order price includes either 5 sets of blueprints (additional sets may be ordered at an additional fee) or you may order reproducible vellums at an extra cost which would allow you to have minor changes made and/or have the printing done yourself.


The typical set of drawings includes the floor plan, front, back and side elevations, roof plan and electrical plans.  They are drawn at 1/4" scale and show dimensions, windows, doors, switches, electrical outlets, etc..  The sets also come with  a typical detail sheet.




An effort has been made to assure all of these plans are error free but they are sold "as is" without warrant of any kind.  Our plans could contain errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies, therefore, we assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions.  Likewise, it is strongly advised that you consult with a local architect and building official to review the plans before beginning construction since building codes and regulations vary widely around the country.